Dr. Georg Th. Fischer

A trained ophtalmologist and music composer running his own practice for about 30 years, Georg developed expertise in psychoanalysis and executive coaching. His approach in executive development is as unconventional as his own way into the business. That’s what clients and press partners like about him.

George is an organisational and leadership development consultant. His expertise and passion is to support executives and organisations in attaining a better leadership culture for values and innovation. His client organisations include stock-listed companies, family businesses, consultancies, SMEs and start-ups from diverse industries, among others, finance, technology, energy, automotive and life science. He works in German, English and Greek.

George studied Medicine and Music and became a psychoanalyst and group analyst at the German and International Psychoanalytic Association and the Group Analytic Association International respectively. He is an expert on how top executives, boards and the whole organisation interact and on how they develop a better performance and culture.

George understands leadership as a living web of relationships of individuals within groups and among groups in organisations. He acts as the „third ear and eye“, carefully listening to and observing communication and interaction. He identifies at a deeper level obstacles and „white elephants“ to growth and innovation with his clients, personally, in an executive group or in the organisation as a whole. His services include Individual and Group Coaching, Executive Education, Whole System Development and the facilitation of difficult meetings individually and in small, intermediate and large groups. He is a keynote speaker on leadership issues and has authored articles in business journals. George lectures on „Organisational Leadership“ at various universities, currently at the University of St. Gallen.